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When making a quilt for someone, did you ever want to leave them a legacy that can make a difference in their life?  A quilt they will cherish forever?  I did.  I found that with everyone living such busy lives these days, we don’t say what we really need to say to those we care about or we don’t say it often enough.  I wanted to leave a lasting impression with each quilt that I made so that every time the receiver wraps themselves up in it, they would know exactly how I feel.  I’m hoping you want the same with the quilts you make for others.  So, I decided to share my quilt patterns with you so you can do exactly that.  


What you receive when you purchase one of my quilt patterns:

   • An original foundation paper pieced quilt pattern design, owned and copyrighted         by Sherril Harris of Heartfelt Quilt Design LLC.

   • A quilt pattern that can be mixed and matched with other quilt block patterns to           give your quilt its own unique look.

   • More than one quilt layout with instructions on how to make each quilt is included       in each pattern.  There can be any where from two to five quilt layout ideas                   included in each pattern.

   • Fabric measurements for each quilt layout for each bed size.

   • Coloring sheets for each quilt layout.

   • Each quilt pattern has been tested for seam bulk plus better fabric usage by                 having less seams and less fabric wasted when trimming.

As you can see, you really do get a lot for your money.  So, visit my website to see my ideas and my videos on sewing techniques.  You might find the perfect quilt block for that quilt to be gifted.


One more thing……

            Be sure to sign up on Heartfelt Quilt Design’s Facebook page so you receive the latest quilt pattern ideas and the latest video releases on foundation paper piecing techniques.  All you have to do is click on the "F" below and you will be taken to Heartfelt Quilt Design's Facebook page.

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